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Aims of treatment

Reversal of known pathophysiological disorder, not simply reducing hyperglycemia.

It is now recognized that b cell faailure occurs much ealier and is more severe than previously thought.

So we start treatment much early to prevent progressive b cell failure.

Multiple drugs in combination is required to correct the multiple pathophysiological defect.

Our objectives

To Prevent progressive b-cell failure.

To improve insulin sensitivity.

To treat the multiple patho-physiological defect.

Good metabolic control.

To prevent development of progression of diabetes complication.

To control hyperglycemia for life without insulin.

To improve quality of life.

Incidence pf diabetes:

India 12%-15%

By 2030 will be 30%

By end of century IT will be 100%

Diagnostic parameter


1 FBG110-126

PPBG 140-199

HBAIC 5.7-6.4



PPBG 140-199

HBIC 5.7-6.4


FBG > 126

PPBG > 200

2 hrs PG(in GIT

HBAIC > 6.5

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